need dvise Gay Man And Women Attraction Need Advice (Women Only Please)?



One of my guy friends happens to be gay and he gets a lot of attention from girls. Girls fall for him all the time because he's sensitive and sweet. Or, you could just be reading too much into this. They like getting hugs because they feel safe that you won't try to hit on you. When girls blush, it could be a bunch of different reasons. It doesn't necessarily mean they're attracted to you. 

Anyway, If they already know you're gay, they know they don't have a chance with you. That doesn't mean that they will stop being attracted to you, it just means that they will be a little disappointed. They'll eventually find someone else to be with. 

If they are true friends, they won't try to make a move on you and will respect you. I wouldn't worry about that.


Posted : Today

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