Why did they invent a day (Valentine’s day) to make single people feel like crap ?



What is wrong with being single? 

I am single and it is Valentine's day, and I don't feel like crap. 

If you can't feel satisfied alone, you will have a horrible time being with someone anyway. 

You have to learn to love yourself first! Because If you do not love yourself first, when you do end up in a relationship, you will surround your whole life around this other person; meanwhile you will lose yourself in the process. If you both end up breaking up, then where will you be? Back to where you are at now, feeling bad. 

If you are loving yourself first you should not care if you are single or not. In other words, keep everyone's love on a even line, Including: yourself, potential date, mother, father, siblings. If you put someone higher then you will always feel depressed. 

Also, ensure that you recognize the people around you that DO love you. 
Love comes in many forms, and who are you to deny love? Your friends, relatives, parents, siblings, pets even love you. 

I know what you are thinking "They have to love me" actually the reality is, NO they do not have to love you! So be grateful for the love you have around you.


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