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Okay. There are two offices of Deloitte at Hyderabad: DHS and DTT. DHS is the India practice of Deloitte. So DHS primarily looks into audit and consulting of Indian companies. DTT is the US India practice. So it looks into the audit and conuslting of companies that are primarily from the US. Am answering this question assuming you are asking about Deloitte US India practice at Hyderabad and am primarily talking about external audit as that is the function I work in. Communication The communication at Deloitte is mostly horizontal. This is one of the best parts about the firm. You can walk in and have a conversation with the Partner! Everyone is on a first name basis with each other. Deloitte's People First Strategy Deloitte has a very firm people first strategy. They keep on coming up with things to make sure their employees remain motivated. Culture Even though I have never worked anywhere else, I keep on hearing that Deloitte has the best culture compared to all the other Indian big fours like KPMG, PWC and ENY! Its probably because it is a US firm. What you need to know What you do when you join the EA practice is outsourced work. Work is currently flowing in from the USA, Australia, UK, Netherlands, Cayman Islands. While the number of countries adds on to the opportunities, you are one off roughly 500-700 employees and going onsite on engagements isnt the easiest thing. Outsourced work means that you might be in a situation where you are not happy with the work that you are doing because of a lack of continuity of the client/work flowing in or work performed is in bits and pieces. 95% of the times you are communicating with the team sitting at the client's office and not the client itself. Qualifications sponsored Deloitte currently sponsors the CPA and the CISA exams for its employees. (CPA for external audit and CISA for the internal audit folks) Pay Competitive pay is paid to every employee. I think out of all the firms its the highest paying for campuses. Work Pressure I can tell you there is a lot of work pressure. Gone are the days when only certain months had work and the other months were "relaxed". Chances are, you are going to be busy most of the year. When you join please understand that even though the pay is higher than other Indian audit firms, you are 1. Working in an outsourcing based job 2. For an onsite opportunity it will take you a minimum of 3 years 3. Communication with the client is almost NIL. Very very few teams(I can count them on the fingers of my hand have this chance). 4. Work Pressure Hope this answers your question!

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Charminar: One of the most recognizable monuments in India. It is a 400+ year old mosque, though it is now mostly shut to the public (suicides?) and can only be seen from outside. Biryani: Rice layered with meat (Lamb or Chicken) and herbs/spices. Places like Paradise, Hyderabad House and Bawarchi sell among the best, however, the most authentic is made in some of the Muslim families, which have been making it for centuries. Pearls: Hyderabad is known for its pearls. One can get them in most jewelry shops, or head to Laad Bazaar at Charminar. Irani Cafes: Pretty much any corner side chai shop. Highly iconic. Haleem: During the fasting month of Ramdan, the famous Hyderabadi Haleem is made and available throughout the city. It is maily made of meat (Variants- Chicken, Mutton & Beef) & other delicacies. The Haleem that is available here is quite unique and a trademark of Hyderabad. Other places of significant importance: Tombs of Quli Qutub Shah, Golconda Fort (this is where the world famous Kohinoor Diamond was excavated from), Salar Jung Museum (the Nawab of Hyderabad was once the richest man in the world), Falaknuma Palace. Opinion: The HiTech City in my opinion isn't so Hi Tech.

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I love Hyderabad because people who were born here don't claim that it's only their land and won't ask immigrants from other parts of the country/world to get out of here. The feel at home factor is prime reason for my love towards Hyderabad. And of course, THE BIRYANI. One important thing that others have not mentioned is the amazing Hyderabadi Hindi accent. You fall in love with the accent the moment you hear it.

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