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People refer to it for the simple reason that life and future are uncertain and in order to have a modicum of self confidence to venture forth in any activity be it marriage, job, business, or travel, look up to these 'sciences' which include tarot, palmistry, tea leaves, etc also. The irony is even after they do so and go ahead with a favourable reading there is no surety of success as reality is "what is". But, at least it helps one to venture forth is its plus point if one is willing to forget the possibility that even in cases where the reading was not favourable they might have succeeded if they were bold enough to go forth! The best solution to the fear of failure is in developing self confidence and necessary knowledge and talent.

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Vedic astrology is that branch of Indian astrology which considers the following parameters before predicting an event in the future of an Individual Vimshottari Mahadasha Antardasha Rashi Lagna Char dasha Nakshatra Sade Sati Graha Maitri Drishti Panchang Gana Ashtakoot Vedic astrology is an extremely complex subject which is why the number of scholars is not very high (both qualitative and quantitative). People often confuse astrology with logic and try to find scientific evidences in it to conclude whether it is true or not. It is not science. Astrology is "Darshan", it is an art. It is the vision, the astrologer literally views something in future and tells you. Where science ends, philosophy starts.

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