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I think it's different in different areas (I was comfortable in areas like Dharamsallah, Spitti valley and areas with a lot of foreigners). It is generally safe, but I have heard some stories of harassment from women who travelled alone, though none of attacks. I was alone in some areas in India and it's best to say you are married. You will recieve a lot of male attention, but a lot of it is positive. The most unpleasant thing I experienced was men staring at me. Keep in mind that there are lots of young people backpacking through india who are very friendly, happy to share a room or travel together when going in the same direction. You will find people to do things with I'm sure, and this will make it less awkward. Have fun!

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Depends where you are coming from With proper guidance India is so safe.. Only issue that can affect you is weather, food and unclean public toilets. Peoples are really nice compared to western.

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It depends what are you looking for in the place, if i had to suggest without any clue then it would be Bangalore, first of all bangalore can entertain you well for a day, from shopping malls to nandi hills bangalore will treat you to water parks and more: wonderla water park, a list of restaurants you can pick from in indiranagar, bannerghatta national park, lal bagh, cubbon park, etc

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