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Some people are poor because they choose to be. Some are poor because of their parents poor evil choices. Not everyone gets the same opportunity, and not everyone gets a 'real chance'. How can you afford to go to college if you do not have parents literally no money and you have worked hard and have average grades? Yes, people are disgustingly more poor in other countries but the distribution of wealth here is ridiculous. Celebrities shouldn't make millions. Yes they work very hard, but who and why should they be paid that much. Teachers are more eudcated and important why don't they make as much.? Anyway, there is poverty in this country.

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1. There are numerous answers to that question. It could be where they were born and the person lacks the skills/education to move up. It could be addiction or circumstances. It could be not working..........................and not wanting to work. It could be depression or mental illness. It could be the loss of a job and can't find another one. I'm sure there are many more. Don't want to answer personal questions.

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