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Astronomy is the real science that was in part based on astrological observations. Science itself is not nearly as old as astrology. Even in Newton did not use the word scientist, calling himself a philosopher. Modern science now uses the scientific method for finding out how or if things work. Astrology was, in its beginnings, a genuine search for knowledge——an attempt to find, in the configurations of the stars and planets, some meaning for humans that might enable them to ascertain something about the future, as if that future were written, obscurely but gloriously, in the heavenly patterns that nightly present themselves to observers.

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Yes I do and I practice it and apply it in my life on a practical level. Astrology (Vedic/Indian Astrology) is not as unscientific as scientific minded people thought about it. On the contrary, Astrology is purely scientific and full of logic and common sense. The skies and the stars are already there before we were born, they are the witness in our actual birth, Our birth chart (the formation of the planets and stars) are the blue print of our nativity map. The question of belief is not the answer for something if true or not. The Sun rises to the east and sets in the west and it will rise again tomorrow whether we believe it or not. So truth is not base on belief but actual facts presented. Astrology is base on logical and truthful facts left by great rishis and sages like Parashara Muni. Garga Muni, Jaimini and others, in olden times for the benefit and guidance of future generations. The problem is the advancing of age generation (Kali Yuga) spiritual and intellect of people decreases while materialistic tendencies and lack of faith grows more. Scientific persons becomes more unscientific.Danger of posing to be learned but not. The truth is reality, the truth is here and available but you must have the desire and enthusiasm to asked for it.

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