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Why are you being such a sucker and allowing yourself to be abused by him and others? STOP taking responsibility for other adults. Let them be responsible for themselves. Kick them ALL out. If you want to get your husband out, you will have to file for divorce. If you want a temporary separation to decide on divorce later(?), you will have to be the one to move out. Stop paying for everything for his family. You are responsible for YOU alone and your minor children. If your husband refuses to get a job, file for divorce.

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As long as he gives you the proper notice (usually 30 days, some places 60 days - check the laws where you live), he can terminate your lease and have you move out. 

If you are not ready to buy a place yet, then look fro a rental that will take you on a month-to-month basis. A lease is nothing more than a contract, and both sides have a right to negotiate it (doesn't mean the other side has to accept it, though). So look around, and be upfront about your desire to buy. 

Or, if you have family in the area that is willing to put you up for a couple months, put your stuff in storage until you buy a place and ready to move in.

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