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I do agree. She is a Colonel in the Iowa national reserves and Palin never finished anything she started. She has no money, belongs to the tea party and her entire campaign was funded by the Koch brothers. Her main goal is to privatize Medicare and social security.




This means allowing wall street bankers to have total control over the government's largest treasuries. She has no law degree which will her job more difficult. 


She is anti- minimum wage , anti- equal wage for women and wants to close down clinics that help women with birth control and family planning. Yet, she is suing the army for sexual harassment. She only has one child.


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Yeah, I think you are too young to date. You're in the 8th grade. I wasn't allowed to date in high school and wished I could have but I understand why my parents didn't let me. There's nothing wrong with dating though. You should just be a little older...a couple of years. Someone recommended 16 or 17...I think 17 is a good age because by then you know a little more and are becoming a young adult.

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I change my sheets weekly. I shower daily so they don't get "dirty", but a week's worth of sweat and drool and rolling around in bed warrants a clean set. If I am sick, I might change them more often, just because it's soothing to crawl into a clean bed..

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