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Honestly if your friends are being that judgemental of a physical characteristic that she cant control, maybe you should get new friends. They are terrible for making fun of her that way and that kind of mentality is something you shouldn't surround yourself with. 

Some possible solutions: 

1. Tell your guy friends that they shouldn't talk about her like that. She's your girlfriend, not a possession that you can trade up for one with bigger breasts. 

2. Imagine your girlfriend sitting around with her friends, and them commenting on how small your penis is the way your friends talk about her. Now imagine that she doesn't stick up for you at all and see how you would feel. (just put yourself in her place) 

3. Realize that girls with small breasts get **** like that said to their face all the time. Realize that it destroys their self esteem and self image, and you sicking up for her could mean a lot. 

4. Talk to your girlfriend about it and tell her that she's amazing and you don't care that she has small breasts, and ask her what you should tell your friends? 

5. If they were really your friends they would be happy that you're in a great relationship and not be degrading about your girlfriends physical characteristics.


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My house has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. If you ask me, it's a bit too little since now people are sharing bathrooms, and when someone won't respect that you're taking a crap and wants their makeup out of the bathroom you share, you'll wish you had a bathroom all to yourself. I sat down and talked to my parents about it, and I finally got the downstairs guest bathroom all to myself and my own room, and now my little brother has to feel the pain of sharing a bathroom with my older sister. I once for 7 years had to share a bathroom but now I finally have my own privacy. 

In conclusion, no, 3 bathrooms for a 3 bedroom house is not too much at all.

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Me Against the Music because A) it has Madonna and B) it was the best Glee Britney song (Britana!) 

Toxic because of the killer hook and that awesome Nine Inch Nails "The Hand that Feeds" Toxic Trent remix. 

the I Love Rock n Roll cover she did on Crossroads b/c it's JOAN JETT! 

and I'm a slave for you because Britney kicking ass at the MTV Video Music Awards in that green outfit with an enormous albino python around her neck is my favorite way to remember her.

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