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Whatever you are asking for, you must have 100% confidence in it.  If you doubt yourself, why should someone else not doubt you as well?  I see this quite frequently when I train salespeople.  When they have this attitude of “oh, I won’t approach this client, I know he will reject my offer”, their entire physiology and their psyche convey a defeated appearance.  Chances are, the client will pick up on it and not buy.  You need to ask with absolute conviction.  Show that you are sure of yourself, of what you want, and of your success.  Also, be sure of the value you can provide.  It can’t be wishy-washy.  No “if’s” or “but’s”; have complete certainty in your entire presentation.

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There is no success without commitment
To achieve great things, you need a great commitment.  When JFK said we would put a human being on the Moon, it was a huge commitment.  Look at the enormous success it provided though.  The most successful people are usually the ones that are the most committed.  The best example that comes to mind is Wayne Gretzky.  He was never the biggest player.  He was never the fastest skater.  He didn’t have the most powerful shot.  However, he was the most committed.  Hockey was his passion and his life, which made him practice harder and want success more.  That is why he became the greatest hockey player the sport has ever seen.  Success comes with a price.  The ones that do whatever it takes (of course without harming someone or cheating) are the ones that accomplish the most.

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Do you know anyone that’s ever succeeded doing something they absolutely hate?  Me neither!  An important key to success is making a combination of what you do with what you love.  We can all do our best to find work that invigorates us and makes us excited.  As well, we can also bring about at work many of the aspects of what we love to do.  You have to make “your vocation your vacation” as Mark Twain so eloquently said.  If you view work as nothing more than a way to make money, then it will nothing more than that.  Sooner or later, it will be dreadful to be doing this work many hours per day, when the only reason you are doing it is for money.  It needs to be more than that.  It needs to spark your creativity, make you smile, and inspire you.

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