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have been really surveying hard but it gets harder and no doubt parents can tell better rather than any staff member for a school. My daughter is about 3 and is in Mother's Pride. I am very satisfied with her performance and development since she joined school...but what next?? We are in Rohini and planning to shift to janak puri. I am so very confused which school should she made into as our decision of the house would majorly depend upon which school we decide for so as its nearby. COuld u plz help and advice. I am puzzled between Presidium, Dwarka and Happy model school. I have heard good reviews about both..I know both are very different in all aspects ...fee structre, teaching style etc. We are a middle class family but wish to give the best to her. But is it worth spending that much in Presidium. Would that really make a difference. Its fee for Prep class is a 20K per quarter... I have no idea about Happy Models' fee...or is there any other good school around there? I just want that school should be such that she should go to school willingly just like she goes today each day to Mother's Pride...we dont want to burden he brains with unnecessary study stuff and also that teachers just go by syllabus and its parents who have to put in all the I am also working 10-7. I have heard that Presidium is quite good in that aspect. DO I have other choices?? I think if its 20K for Prep, it shall increase a lot for higher classes..plz advice Mom's and Dad's.

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