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Aparyaaptham thadasmaakam balam bheeshmaabhirak****ham

Paryaaptham thvidamaethaeshaam balam bheemabhirak****ham 1.10

The strength of our army (being greater) well protected by Bhishma cannot be overwhelmed, whereas the strength of these people in front of us (their battalions being fewer in number), even though protected by Bhima can be overwhelmed.

This shows the confidence Duryodhana has that his army could easily overwhelm the Pandavas and that he would win the war. He purposely mentions to Dronacharya the names of his adversaries (who are disciples of Drona himself), to cure Drona’s possible sense of complacency and to provoke him to heights of war-frenzy !

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1. Do you do something interesting in life -- job or hobby? 
2. Do you like dogs and other animals? 
3. Do you like learning new things? 
4. Are you a respectable law abiding man, not a sex hungry pervert? 
If you can answer YES to all 4 questions, then there is a good chance we could be friends.

16 year old girl in Wisconsin, USA 
I study dog intelligence and how dogs learn.

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