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Another example from YA! member: "i have shaven my arm hair a fair bit and now i really regret it and i want to grow it out but it is really dark but MY HAIR WASNT EVEN THAT DARK AND IT IS ONLY IN PLACES and i cant use home bleaching kits or hydrogen proxide or anything like that i was just wondering if there are any home remedies i can use to lighten it" 

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You, yourself, is very beautiful. Everybody has unique features about them that make them beautiful. 

Now there are a few ways to make that beauty stand out a bit more. 

First off, remember that acne is an issue that many individuals have. I had horrible acne growing up but now I've learned to manage it. The best option is always to visit a dermatologist (ask your mother about it) but if you can't visit one than here are some helpful tips to get rid of acne: 

-Use scrubs and exfoliaters on a daily basis. If you had normal skin you wouldn't do this but with extreme acne using harsh scrubs will do wonders. 
-Try spot treatments (I recommend Terminator 10). If you use spot treatments than make sure you put lotion on afterwards because spot treatments will dry your skin out. 
-Drink lots of water. Water flushes out toxins that cause acne. 

You may also want to start looking at basic makeup. Wearing some powder or a light foundation will help hide the redness associated with pimples. 

Having a slightly hairy body is nothing to be ashamed of. Many, many women have mustaches and hairy arms. Most women with mustaches will do a little bit of shaving around their lip area. Ask your mother if she can show you how. 

Lastly, learn to love yourself. Everybody is beautiful in their own way.

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Just eat clean lean meats such as chicken and turkey. Mostly drink water and eat fruits and vegetables. If you want to lose weight and get a flat stomach you need to eat 6 times a day. Example meal 1. 4 egg whites and 1 yolk with a bowl of oatmeal and a bannana. Meal 2 Apple Meal 3. 8oz chicken breast with 1 sweat potatoe and string beans. Meal 4 a protein shake If you go to gym or another piece of fruit. Meal 5 8oz turkey breast 1 sweat potatoe and small salad. Meal 6 mixed nuts or almonds or a piece of fruit. Keeping all junk food out will help. Eat your 1 cheat snack 1 time a wek. Also run or walk. Tip. Every morning when you wake up don't eat first just go for an hour walk. This helps a lot.

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