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The purpose of life is to live it, but it is fine to wonder and search for ideas that is all part of living 
But why this need to pin a label on everything, lets just wonder no need to define anything.

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One should not confuse a possible origin of the universe with the big bang. The big bang is the expansion of the universe and is still visibly in progress. Evidence indicates that the present expansion had a start. 
Also, the origin of the universe is not the same as nor related to the origin of life.

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 belief to God existence 
2 - pray only god 
3 be careful and help parents 
4 do not tell lie 
5 be glad with only your wife and ignore any woman for love 
6 help to all people around yourself which they are poor 
7 do not kill any person 
8 do not drink alcoholic wine 
9 do not eat pigs 
10 be kind to every one 
these are more important that god want to do us

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