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Because Renewable energy doesn't cause pollution (most anyway, a little bit is emmitted when geothermal energy is produce but it's NOTHING in means of pollution compared to fossil fuel burning). Solar power also doesn't emit greenhouse gases, which trap heat in the planet, so using it would reduce the effects of,global warming. Using renewable energy does a lot to reduce carbon emissions too, especially wind power which is very successful in the US. Another reason is because it is overall,good for the environment- no pollution equals better air and water quality equals less health problems for people (like asthma, bronchitis, lung damage...). The results of mining for fossil fuels such as destruction of habitats and pulltion of groundwater would also be reduced by using renewable energy. Fossil fuels that we currently use now to get energy emit massive amounts of pollution into our planet, like carbon dioxide, toxic metals.. Etc and renewable energy emits very little to none

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When a person has a relationship with God it is on a spiritual level.
You are trying to have a relationship based on feelings. That is carnal;
relying on your senses. That is no different from a non-believer.

The scripture says, "In all your getting, get understanding." Before
you read the bible, pray and ask God to open the eyes of your understanding. Pray and ask God for a bible study group for you to attend,
and stop judging God by your feelings. God says He will never leave
you nor forsake you. Stand on that and eventually you will know in
your innermost being that God is there.

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No such thing as an online "job" - for anyone. They're all scams.

Since this is under Study Abroad, beware, since student visas severely restrict or outright prohibit work by foreign students. This includes self-employment, working from home, telecommuting for an employer in your own country, etc. If you were in the US, for example, the tax consequences are even more severe than visa violation consequences - tax fraud, tax evasion are felonies so prison (3 years is a common sentence) before you get deported. But the US is hardly the only country where you'll lose your visa for working.

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